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Forest Practices Authority

Compliance enquiries

Our Compliance Program is designed to detect any breaches of the forest practices plan early, so that environmental effects are minimised:

  • Forest contractors are skilled operators and typically have a high level of understanding on the Forest Practices Code. Where further advice is required, contractors seek advice from a Forest Practices Officer to avoid environmental harm. Where a breach may have occurred, contractors typically report this to supervisors and/or Forest Practices Officers.
  • Forest Practices Officers supervising forest practices plans are often the first people to identify a breach. They have the authority to require compliance with the plan and repair any damage.
  • Forest practices plan applicants are required to submit to the Forest Practices Authority a certificate of compliance at the end of each stage of the forest practices plan. These certificates detail the compliance of the operations with the forest practices plan and alert our Compliance Program to any breaches.
  • Our Compliance Program carries out an annual assessment of forest practices plans, as required by law.
  • Anyone can report a suspected breach of the Forest Practices Act 1985 to the Forest Practices Authority, such as a breach of a forest practices plan or forest practices taking place without a forest practices plan.

The Forest Practice Authority investigates all complaints relating to alleged breaches of the Forest Practices Act 1985, the Forest Practices Code, or poor practices. Investigations are carried out by the Forest Practice Authority's Compliance Program. In order to respond to enquiries and provide timely feedback, the Forest Practices Authority requests that enquiries relating to compliance are made in writing to the Compliance Program.

 FPA Investigation and Enforcement Protocols (PDF 998Kb)‚Äč

Note: Making a complaint about smoke management from planned burns  
All complaints relating to smoke should be lodged with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) ( or telephone 1800 005 171).

More information on the Coordinated Smoke Management System

Compliance Manager
Email phone 6165 4090

Alternatively, letters can be sent to:

Compliance Program
Forest Practices Authority
30 Patrick Street
Hobart, 7000