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Forest Practices Authority

Clearing land

If you want to change the way you use your land, particularly if you want to clear native vegetation, you may need a certified forest practices plan (FPP).

The controls for forest vegetation apply to clearing, removing or destroying woody plants and seedlings that are or have the potential to grow to a height of five metres or more – this includes native plants and plants introduced to Tasmania that are used for timber processing and harvesting.

You will need an FPP for most land clearing. The few exemptions to this are outlined in Guidelines for exemptions under the Forest Practices Regulation 4 and detailed in the Forest Practices Regulations 2017. You can use Check Before You Chop to see if  these exemptions apply to you or if you will need an FPP.

More information

There is more information about land clearing in the land clearing information sheet (PDF).

To find out whether forestry activities are possible or not upon your land, check A guide to planning approvals for Forestry in Tasmania (PDF).

The FPA has a policy on offsets to compensate for the loss of significant biodiversity values within forest practices plans.