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Forest Practices Authority

Biodiversity Values Database

​*The BVD is currently updating weekly on Monday evenings.  The BVD will return to daily updates in January, and the FPA will advise when this occurs.  For the latest records, please check the Natural Values Atlas.*

​Please note that the BVD has been designed for use in the forest practices system.  Some threatened fauna species have not been included in this planning tool because they are marine species (e.g. whales or seals), or are not found in areas subject to forest practices.  Some species' records are filtered to include only those records that require management according to the prescriptions set out in the Threatened Species Adviser.  For further detail on this process please refer to the background document 'About the Biodiversity Values Database'.  ​

​The BVD provides locality data for threatened fauna and flora species, including information on threatened fauna species range and habitat descriptions for use in site assessments. (Read more here in About the Biodiversity Values Database.)

Threatened fauna range boundaries and habitat descriptions

Threatened flora habitat descriptions and survey notes