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Forest Practices Authority

Threatened Species Adviser Training videos

The FPA have prepared an online training course with instructions on how to use the Threatened Species Adviser and supporting resources. The course is split into five short videos listed sequentially below. To receive the full training in using the TSA, you must watch all five videos.

When you have completed watching all five videos, the FPA invites you to undertake a short quiz for you to test your knowledge on the adviser. The quiz isn’t compulsory, but it will help reinforce what you have learnt in the course, and to receive your certificate of course completion you will need to take and pass the quiz.

The quiz can be accessed by clicking here

The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Make sure you enter your name and email address to receive your certificate of course completion.

You can also access the Threatened Species user manual here

Accessibility: subtitles/closed captions can be turned on using the subtitle button at the bottom of each video. A transcript of the whole course is also available for download here.  

If you have any feedback on this online video course, the threatened species adviser or any of the supporting tools we discussed in this video please reach out to us at or on (03) 6165 4080. We value your opinions and all feedback goes into the continual improvement of our planning tools and contributes to planning future training courses.

Welcome and Course Objective

Context for the Threatened Species Adviser and the Forest Practices System

How to use the Threatened Species Adviser

Supporting Resources

Closing, Quiz and Thanks