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Forest Practices Authority

Earth sciences

​​Process for earth sciences special values assessment and planning

Forest sinkhole manual

Karst Categories
Ref: Kiernan 1995, An Atlas of Tasmanian Karst, volume 2, p. 297

Earth Sciences Technical Notes

Earth Sciences Technical Note 1 - operations on high and very high erodibility soils


Sinkhole guidelines
These guidelines replace recommendations in sections B2a, b and c of the Forest Sinkhole Manual (Kiernan 2002) and should be applied during forest operations in karst terrain. For situations not covered by the guidelines, contact the Earth Sciences specialist at the FPA.

Basalt talus guidelines

Dolerite talus guidelines

The Strahan guidelines
Prescriptions and guidelines for sustainable harvest of plantations on high and very high erodibility west coast dune sands

Guidelines for the protection of class 4 streams
These guidelines are now incorporated in the Forest Practices Code 

Evaluation sheets

Earth Sciences and Cultural Heritage evaluation sheet

Earth Sciences and Cultural Heritage evaluation sheet for small FPPs

Forest soils fact sheet keys