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Forest Practices Authority


We have experts in forest practices, the development and implementation of codes of practice, cultural heritage, biodiversity, and earth sciences. They carry out monitoring and research, often with other researchers, to make sure that forest practices meet legal and regulatory objectives. Their scientific knowledge is used to guide and improve the Forest Practices Code and planning tools.

The Forest Practices Code contains policies and practices that have been developed from expert judgement, practical experience and the outcomes of research and monitoring by both the FPA and other organisations.

The results of previous research can be found in our publications library.

Monitoring the effectiveness of the Forest Practices Code

The Tasmanian forest practices system works in an adaptive management framework, which means that we monitor how well the system works and improve it based on new knowledge and experience.

You can read the most recent results in our report  Monitoring the effectiveness of the biodiversity provisions of the Tasmanian Forest Practices Code 2020-21 (PDF)

You can also view a summary of the work done each year in our publications library.

We have a list of priority research and monitoring topics categorised into the following two general areas:

  • monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of the Forest Practices Code
  • research on the occurrence and conservation status of natural and cultural values and the potential and actual impact of forest management on these values.