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Forest Practices Authority


​​​​​​Training plays an important role in the forest practices system as it provides people with the skills required for the complex task of managing forests. Our specialists and colleagues from other agencies provide training for Forest Practices Officers as well as other people with specific and relevant training needs. Please contact us if you are interested in any of our upcoming courses or if you have any training requests.

Training and events

Course / EventTimingDurationLocationRegistration

2-4 May3 days
Quercus Park
Eagle Habitat identification and Management
16 May 2024
​1 day theory
Humanitix registration

  • theory day plus one field trip day
17 May 2024
1 day northern field trip
  • ​theory day plus one field trip day​
22 May 2024
1 day southern field trip
​Wildlife Habitat Clumps

5 June 2024

6 June 2024

31 July/ 1 Aug 2024

1 day

1 day

1 day




FPO Refresher Course
21 Aug 2024 - South
19 Sept 2024 - North​
1 day​
south - Kingston

north - Devonport​

​Forest Practices Aw​​ards
​19 Sept 2024
during northern refresher
​Research Update
​Sept 2024
​1 day
​Flnders Island Show
​Fri 18 Oct 2024
​1 day
​​Forest Practices for Supervisors
​15,16,29,30 Oct 2024​
​4 days
​Quarry FPP Course
​October 2024

FPO Training Course

This course covers the knowledge and skills required to become a Forest Practices Officer. Candidates for the course are expected to have qualifications or equivalent experience to Certificate IV level and must also demonstrate current knowledge and experience of forest operations in Tasmania.

The course is generally run over six months with 14 days of face-to-face contact and it requires approximately 42 hours of outside study time.

Successful completion of this course is one of the criteria necessary to apply to FPA to be appointed as a Forest Practices Officer.

The next course will be run in 2025, subject to demand.

Information and materials:

Forestry contractor environmental care training resources

2020 versions (valid until 2023)

Forest Practices for Contractors - Facilitator Presentation v2-2 PDF

Forest Practices for Contractors - Learner Guide v2-2

Forest Practices for Contractors - Learner Questionnaire v2-2

Forestry contractor training evaluation

2022 versions

Forest Practices for Contractors - Facilitator Presentation v3-0 PDF

Forest Practices for Contractors - Learner Guide v3-0 PDF

Forest Practices for Contractors - Learner Questionnaire v3-0 PDF

Forestry contractor training evaluation. docx

Summary of changes to resources 2022

Contact the FPA for the facilitator presentation PowerPoint and other documents.

WHS training resources

Follow the link below for training materials for FWPCOR2205 Follow WHS policies and procedures .

WHS Training Resources - Forestworks